About Finn Prowess

Hi, I'm Finn Prowess. Think of me as your virtual fly fishing guide. 

I catch (and release) more fish than anyone else I know. How? I read water exceptionally well and I walk rivers all day long to find excellent water that gets the least amount of fishing pressure. I invest many days (even weeks) on each river to find the hot spots that only the guides and locals know about, where I regularly catch the most (and biggest) fish, then I make it available to you. 

You know how fly fishing is ... it's hard! It takes a ton of time to learn a river, and no one shares their hot spots. This is why 90% of fishers are packed into the <10% of the accessible water closest to the road or public access point. Well, fish are smart and they spook easily. They prefer the quieter water where all the people aren't. And so do we, right?! Local guides will take you there and they'll even tie your fly on, buy you lunch, and land your fish, but sometimes we can't afford them. Or we just want to venture out on our own. That's where Finn Prowess comes in!

I've been addicted to fly fishing for more than 20 years, and this is now my full-time job. I fish 50 weeks per year -- rivers all over Idaho, Montana, Oregon, British Columbia, Colorado, Utah, California, Wyoming and Washington. I have more time than you for fishing, and I invest it to discover hard-to-find hot spots where few/no other fly fishermen (or women) are, then I create self-guided fly fishing experiences.

My downloadable river guides and fishing maps (called FinnMaps) tell you where to park and/or camp, where to fish, what to use, and how to get there (often via hidden trails) -- whiskey pairings as well!. I only sell a very limited number of these exclusive guides per river per year! My FinnMaps even integrate with Google Maps on your phone so you can follow your progress, and use it without a cell signal. You might need to hike and/or bushwhack a bit, but I'll put you in front of fish. The rest is up to you!

And no ... Finn Prowess is NOT my real name. :-)

Tight lines,

Finn Prowess