What You Get

Within seconds of purchasing a self-guided fly fishing experience, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to download your river guide and FinnMap. Each river guide contains:

  • Epic Score and Difficulty rating, along with rationale
  • A super cool FinnMap, with specific coordinates to parking, camping, access trails (often hidden), and fly fishing hot spots. Integrates with your smartphone using the OnX Hunt or Google Maps app, so that you can see exactly where you are, get driving directions, etc. ... and works even if you're out of cell range!
  • River overview and description, including sections, tips and tricks, links to pertinent USGS river flow gauges, etc.
  • Location, and how to get there
  • What you'll catch, and recommended gear
  • Whiskey pairing, matched to each river of course!

River guides are provided in PDF format so that you may open it on any of your devices. Be sure to open the email and download the guide and FinnMap on your smartphone while you have a signal, so that you have it for reference while fly fishing (especially if you venture out of cell phone coverage, as I often do!). 

All content is provided under a temporary (non-perpetual) license. FinnMaps and guides are rebuilt annually (if not more often). See Terms and Conditions for more information. Download links time out after three months. Rivers and conditions change -- as do these guides -- so please time your purchase accordingly.

Sample FinnMap

The FinnMap is a custom map that opens up within your OnX Hunt or Google Maps app (so you can use it for driving directions), then reference it from your smartphone while fishing (along with your location) ... even while off the grid! 

Each FinnMap can be viewed either through your internet browser, Google Maps app or OnX Hunt app on your smartphone. I highly recommend the OnX Hunt app, since it is far more reliable to use if/when your cell signal is poor or unavailable! With the Google Maps app, so long as you open the FinnMap on your phone while connected to the Internet, and do NOT shut down the Google Maps app, the map information will cache on your device and remain available to you should you lose signal.

Here's a FinnMap sample and description (shown with Google Maps) ...

Clicking the FinnMap link in the river guide will open a custom map in Google Maps on your smartphone. You'll start with a birds-eye view of the entire experience in "satellite" view, with icons telling you where to park and fish, and access trails in red ...
Click the "map legend" to see a list of all custom map pins ...
Clicking on the P icon (for parking location) will help you determine distance from your current location, and get driving directions ...
I often include helpful notes attached to each custom map feature. For example, click on the red line to get a more detailed description of the access trail ....
Each fish icon points to specific hot spots, often with helpful tips and tricks for fishing it ...
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