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Bear River (ID)

Bear River (ID)

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Epic Score: ***

Difficulty: Medium

When it comes to incredible trout fisheries near the Salt Lake metropolitan area, the Bear River isn't talked about. Much of the river is slow and muddy due to agricultural development. However, there is a rare hidden gem here -- a small, isolated section of this river that few know about -- offering amazing fly fishing, extensive walk and wade access, large Rainbow and Bonneville Cutthroat Trout, and even Carp for those inclined.

The terrain on this section is unlike any river I’ve ever fished. Imagine a series of deep plunge-pools created by volcanic shelves that run across the river every 20-100’. You can literally walk across the river on these shelves and fish all the deep pockets, holes and seams below and above you. And with natural springs feeding this tailwater, you enjoy spring-fed river characteristics and large trout. There's even a stocked natural springs fishing pond nearby.

This self-guided experience (sold in limited quantities) will guide you to specific coordinates where the best fishing spots are, and how to reach them. I'll tell you how to get there, where to park, what hot spots to fish, what you'll catch, and how to have the best fly fishing excursion -- for a day or more, alone or with friends!

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