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Greybull River (WY)

Greybull River (WY)

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Epic Score: ***

Difficulty: Low

I first heard about the Greybull River from a fellow fly fishing addict I met in Montana, along a river deep in the wilderness. This legendary river was at the top of his fly fishing experiences, and I experienced it myself shortly thereafter -- it's a truly epic river to fish!

The Greybull River is a freestone that starts high in the Shoshone National Forest and winds 100 miles east to its confluence with the Bighorn River. Access to the river is extremely limited by private land ownership, and river clarity (fishability) is also incredibly challenging. But for those who are willing to walk a bit and know where to leave the car behind, this is an incredible fishery that gets very little pressure -- with no houses, people, or cars in sight!

You’ll catch beautiful Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in the 14-18” range (with an occasional 20+” lunker) . They are voracious eaters and they LOVE to look up (you can catch fish on dry flies any time of the day). 

This guide will show you specific coordinates to where the best fishing spots are, and how to reach them. It'll tell you where to fish, where to park, where to hike, where to camp, and what you'll catch. 

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