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Lower Deschutes River (OR)

Lower Deschutes River (OR)

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Difficulty: Medium

When it comes to bucket list trout fisheries, the Lower Deschutes River in Oregon should be on everyone's list. Not only is it world-renown for its salmonfly hatch, but also for its brilliantly-colored, broad-shouldered, powerful Redband Rainbow Trout and Steelhead Trout. 

The fly fishing in this area combines spectacular scenery, great weather, prolific hatches, and brilliant, reel-sizzling trout on a river with excellent walk and wade access. As with all popular fisheries, the easy access can be deceiving. To catch real fish, one needs to work a bit harder to reach the secret spots where the pressure is minimal and as a result the fish tend to hold. I've invested weeks on this river and know exactly where those spots are.

This self-guided experience (sold in limited quantities) will guide you to specific coordinates where the best fishing spots are (40 pins over >30 miles of river), and how to reach them. I'll tell you how to get there, where to park, where to hike, what hot spots to fish, what you'll catch, and how to have the best fly fishing excursion -- for a day or more, alone or with friends!

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