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Olympic Peninsula (WA) - Hoh River

Olympic Peninsula (WA) - Hoh River

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When anglers talk about “fishing the OP”, they are talking about the legendary rivers of the Olympic Peninsula that support large migrations of huge anadromous steelhead and salmon. The native steelhead fly fishing on the Hoh River is often considered the best steelhead fishing in the entire nation. Not only that, there are large runs of chinook and coho salmon depending on the season, and bull trout! The fly fishing in this area combines spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, rugged terrain, and huge wild fish.

Steelheading is hard; you're more likely to be skunked than find success. When you only have a couple days to fish and it's cold and rainy, you want to optimize your time fishing great holding water. There's so much water to scout on your own, and the rivers change frequently (forget about satellite images, they are outdated by flood events regularly). Well I've done the scouting already and know where the best spots are ... and where to go for solitude and an incredible outdoors experience. Use this guide to make sure you're on great water and increase your odds of landing a trophy.

This self-guided experience will guide you to specific coordinates where the best walk and wade fly fishing spots are, and how to reach them via hidden 4wd roads and hiking trails. I'll tell you how to get there, where to park, what hot spots to fish, what species to target (and when) and how to have the best fly fishing excursion -- for a day or more, alone or with friends!

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