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Owyhee River (OR)

Owyhee River (OR)

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Difficulty: High

The Owyhee River, widely considered to be one of Oregon’s finest tailwaters, offers big Brown Trout fishing within a vast and beautiful desert landscape with steep-walled red rock canyons. This is a wonderful self-guided fishing experience for a multi-day trip with friends, or a single day excursion from the Boise metropolitan area (75 minutes away).

The fly fishing in this area combines great weather, beautiful scenery, prolific hatches, tons of dispersed camping, and big, reel-sizzling trout on a small river with excellent walk and wade access. As with all popular fisheries -- and the Owyhee is indeed quite popular, for good reason -- the fish are smart and discerning. To catch real fish, one needs to work a bit harder to reach the secret spots where the fish are holding, and the pressure is minimal. I've invested many days on this river and know exactly where those spots are.

This self-guided experience (sold in limited quantities) will guide you to specific coordinates where the best fishing spots are and how to reach them. I'll tell you how to get there, where to park, what hot spots to fish, what you'll catch, and how to have the best fly fishing excursion -- for a day or more, alone or with friends!

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