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Rock Creek (MT)

Rock Creek (MT)

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Epic Score: ***

Difficulty: Medium

Rock Creek is a freestone river not far from Missoula that flows more than 50 miles through rugged and remote wilderness before meeting with the Clark Fork River. It is an exceptional blue ribbon trout stream that offers gorgeous scenery, prolific hatches, a legit remote experience, abundant wildlife, 50+ miles of river to explore, varied river terrain (flats, pocket water, broad runs, etc.), fantastic camping right next to the river, and 5 species of trout. I’m serious, it’s that good!

There is a ton of water here, and a day trip does not even scratch the surface ... it's best explored over a 3-4 day fly fishing vacation, and this self-guided tour is designed for just that. Between all the flat sections and the local angling pressure, it is difficult to figure out where to fish. And there is no information available (other than this guide) to help you plan your trip. This guide will show you specific coordinates to where the best fishing spots are and how to reach them, and it includes a full campsite map with recommendations and notes. I'll tell you where to camp, where to fish, where to park, what you'll catch, and how to have the best multi-day fly fishing vacation!

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