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Snoqualmie River (WA), Middle Fork

Snoqualmie River (WA), Middle Fork

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Epic Score: ***

Difficulty: Medium

The Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River is a gorgeous river that winds through an emerald green, densely forested, and mostly uninhabited valley within an hour of the Seattle metropolitan area. I've been fishing it for 20 years, and it still rewards me with an incredible outdoor experience every time ... especially on those warm summer days and nights.

It's tough to find good places to fish here. Access to the river is not limited by private land ownership, but rather the density of the vegetation and ruggedness of the land itself. This forces almost all fishing pressure to obvious access points near the road, which the fish tend to avoid as a result. But I've got secret trails and hot spots to share, if you're ready.

This is a wonderful fly fishing experience that is easy to get to (can easily be done after work/meetings in Seattle/Bellevue), though feels wonderfully remote and "away from it all". I guide you to specific coordinates where the best fishing spots are, and how to reach them via hidden access trails. The guide will tell you what to use, when to go, and what you'll catch. Once you know where to go, 20-30 fish outings are possible -- with no houses, people, or cars in sight!

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