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Upper Naches Valley (WA)

Upper Naches Valley (WA)

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The Upper Naches Valley consists of the Bumping River, the American River and the Little Naches River, all of which join to form the Naches River. This wonderful self-guided fly fishing tour, easily a day trip from the Seattle/Tacoma metro area, covers all of them -- in the “fly fishing sweet spot” of the Upper Naches Valley.

These rivers are not as well-known as the nearby Yakima River, so they offer a smaller, less-crowded fly fishing experience in comparison. The weather is consistently good here, the water is cooler than down lower in the system, the habitat is amazing, and there are a lot of hungry Westslope Cutthroat, Rainbow and Brook trout. It doesn't take long to dial in your fly selection and earn eats all day long!

Like all fisheries, you'll see a lot of river along the road ... but trout naturally gravitate to hot spots in less-pressured, safer locations. This "walk and wade" guide will show you specific coordinates to where the best fishing spots are, and how to reach them. I'll tell you where to park, where to hike along the river, where to fish, what you'll catch, and how to have the best fly fishing excursion -- for a day or more, alone or with friends!

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